Monday, April 6, 2009

Moles in the yard!!!

OK, one of the most bothersome critters I hear complaints about are moles, especially in new lawns and garden beds. Why do they always seem to appear on only the good stuff? Well, why not? I mean, if I were a mole, would I want to tunnel through the hard-packed earth next to your driveway, or that nice fluffy soil you just seeded to lawn? Where would I most likely find one of my favorite foods, earthworms, if I were a mole? You guessed it, the good stuff!
So ok, your having your morning coffee, admiring the grass just starting to fuzz over the topsoil you paid a fortune to have hauled in and spread for your new lawn. Wait, what the......are those tunnel humps? Holes in my precious infant lawn? You betcha, its the mole family, checking out your new digs. Fine, all that aside, lets help 'em Not in my backyard.! Heres what you do. Forget the bombs and stabbing traps and poison bait and vibrating things. Go to the store, get some Juicy Fruit gum. Couple packs if theres alot, or, if you just like the gum. Pick a nice morning and go out onto your lawn, gum pack in hand. Chew gum, (fun part) spit down mole hole. Check to see if neighbors are watching. If so, smile and wave. Continue until every hole has a piece of gum down it. You may want to have a shovel in hand, as I have had the little buggers come running out literally at my feet. Now you may say, "I have never heard of such rubbish!" but you know, how much is a pack of gum these days? Thirty cents or so? I have seen several articles over the years on this very subject of moles and chewing gum, and honestly I dont know if its the smell, they eat it , or what, but it does send them packing! Try it, all you have to loose is a pack of gum, and more than likely, the moles as well. And thats my landscape tip of the day. Tomorrows tip: which tree will grow the fastest, a small one at planting, or a larger one at planting....the answer may surprise you!

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  1. Hilarious! We don't have moles out here, but if I ever see one I'll know what to do. :)