Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cattle Corner April 9, 2009

Not much to post today; the worst of our weather seems to have passed us, some snow is still on the ground in shady spots. Daffoldils are beginning to bloom as well. The cattle look good off the winter; we've had over 100 inches of snow, and the new barnyard has held up well (we "boxed out" the barnyard last fall) , so there is no more mud, dirt or soil to contend's wonderful!! I am certain the animals appreciate the fact that they can actually walk, stand and lay down in the barnyard now instead of wade through it (as in previous years) as I do. Certainly makes everyones life easier.
Right now we are awaiting the first calf of the spring, due any time now, from our very first heifer calf born on our farm 2 years ago. It is exciting to see the second generation of animals begin to join the "cow" herd. Our heifer "Babette" is out of our foundation cow, "Miss Piggy", who is the queen of the barnyard on our farm. Miss Piggy has given us 2 beautiful heifers so far, and we are hoping for a third this spring as well. Her offspring are easily identifiable in the pasture; they are short and stocky, pushy at the feeder, and even the horns turn the same as their dam's as they grow.
We couldn't be more pleased with our "Miss Piggy" and her gorgeous daughters, and can't wait for Babettes calf, coming soon!

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