Monday, April 27, 2009

Cattle Corner and Landscape Tip of the Day April 27 2009

OK, I guess I just get on here and get to talkin' 'bout this that and the other, and I have to wonder, is anyone even reading any of this? I mean, some of this stuff has got to be helpful for someone, but, who? Did you really get rid of your moles, or did you buy one more load of hay to give your pastures that extra week or so to really green up? If you are reading this, and you do find it helpful, I sure would like to know! And, thanks!

That being said, I just want to talk about the coming warm weather, with summer apparently here for us, its gotten very warm for the past few days, and you know, the cows are still shedding out, and there are no leaves on thee trees for shade yet, and its been in the mid eighties for the past several days. They look pretty uncomfortable, but not much to do for that. Just provide a place for shade and cool fresh water, and wait for more seasonable weather to re-appear. I sure wish they would shed out and get it over with. I'll bet they do, too! And no, I am not going to hand brush each one. As much as I enjoy fooling with them.........!

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  1. Hey, I read it! I changed my plans for purchasing shade trees based on your recommendation. . . and I think I need to go clean a couple of my "girls" pens 'cuz they probably aren't clean enough!!