Sunday, April 5, 2009

Here I am and there I go!

Welcome everyone to the random ramblings of horticulture and livestock! Please check back soon, as I will add updates regularly.

Todays landscape tip of the day:
Try not to roll your lawns.....rolling or driving over very soft just thawed out from the winter lawns does alot more harm than good. Why? Because as the frost melts out of the soil, pore spaces are opened up, allowing much needed air space within the soil structure, as well as allowing earthworms and other critters to move freely beneath the surface. If the pore spaces are crushed and flattened by driving on and or rolling, the soft soil becomes compacted, messing up all that cool stuff that goes on in the soil layer we never really see. Please be nice to the soil, and the earthworms. The humps and bumps will all settle down, especially when you start mowing the grass.

Next: How do you get rid of those darn moles???

Cattle Corner, Life on thsmall farm.

Try and resist allowing your livestock to graze the new growth that spring is encouraging. Confine your animals to a paddock, barnyard or "sacrifice" pasture in order that growing pasture grasses can get a good foothold and growth on before they are grazed, especially if grazed down hard from last fall. Feed hay a little each morning so your animals are more inclined to lay around during the day instead of graze. It will be well worth your while .

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