Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The "look"

Sometimes our cattle give us "the look". I have been trying to interpret this "look" but to no avail. Its generally a sideways stiff, "I see you, do you see me??" Not menacing, not threatening, and usually when they are just standing around waiting for something to happen...
My children give me all sorts of grief (and 'looks')about my stopping the car in the driveway, opening the windows and talking to the cattle, our pastures flank each side of our long driveway. I especially enjoy watching the cow birds (yes, that's right) walking up and down the faces of the animals, picking flies off their noses and closed eyes, backs and heads. After the birds get their fill, the wasps start buzzing around the animals flanks and legs, but not to sting; they are actually picking flies off the cows as well and carrying them off!
Now I know most everyone must think I have no life after reading this, but I actually do, really; but it is just fascinating to me how all the animals and insects serve a purpose, and serve eachother as well.


Here is a recent picture of a lucky little boy who will be going to his new home shortly as a pet!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sweet Sunny

This cows name pretty much describes her disposition....Sunny!
She is my youngest daughters favorite cow, as you can see. Sunny is also one of my favorite cows, not only for her unique bloodlines and small size, but her fertility (breeds back every time) and ability to raise an outstanding calf every year. She knows her name as well, and will come when called. My daughter is not pleased that I have Sunny offered for sale, so I hope whoever purchases Sunny gives her a good home. She is bred back to our polled bull, Hawkeye, for a due date of May 8th 2010.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

For all those who appreciate Hereford cattle

I just love talking about the cattle business with others, primarily the registered miniature Hereford, which, as you all must know by now, is what I raise here on my very simple set-up I call a "farm".
Now when you come to visit, you will not find a custom barn built just for the cattle: no post and beam, no board and batten, just a simple three-sided run-in barn , painted a federal blue and sided in humble T-111. Nothing fancy, nothing expensive, nothing impressive I suppose. There are no board fences, just simple woven wire and 3-strand electric on locust and cedar posts. You will not find expensive feeders, loading chutes, watering systems, no security cameras or monitoring devices for the cattle. No caretaker or hired hand keeps watch here. The pastures are frost seeded, dragged and mowed each year, the wire fences checked and tightened, repaired as needed. Every year some upgrade is added for the comfort and well-being of the cattle.
You see, what matters most of all, in any livestock operation, is ultimately, the livestock itself. By being able to identify closely with the stock you raise, one can figure out that the animals don't need impressive housing, fancy fencing and a gold-leaf farm sign. They don't care if you take out the manure with a brand new John Deere tractor or the 4-wheeler you use to mow the pastures with. The art of animal husbandry is 50% genetics, 25% providing the basic necessities, and 25% common sense. Anyone with a true concern for the well-being of animals can raise these miniature sized cattle, they are surprisingly simple to keep and care for. The return you get from having these cattle gracing your property is immeasurable, and certainly not solely monetary.

The four adult cattle pictured grazing are for sale as a group for those of you who may be interested in starting a herd of your own. They are the picture of health, quiet disposition, and would make anyone a fantastic starter herd or addition to an existing herd. Multiple animal discount most certainly applies. We are accepting deposits on 2008-2009 calves and bred heifers at this time as well. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
Thanks for visiting, check back for updates!