Friday, October 23, 2009

words not necessary

The cattle have all been moved over to the barn side of the property, the water tanks moved, salt and minerals as well. Snow fence stands ready to be put up in the vacated pasture.
Its nice to "button things up"; it just seems right this time of year. There is a quiet satisfaction one feels when you can spend a day preparing for the upcoming winter. The cattle look great, most bred for calving next spring and summer. Mr. Bull went to his new home this week; he loaded just as calm as can be, and I was fortunate to be able to be there when he popped out of the trailer at his new home. I figured if he heard my voice as he stepped out into unknown territory it would provide some sense of the familiar, and, he may not be quite so agitated. As it was, he walked along the new fence while I talked to him until he spotted his new "girlfriends", then, just like children I suppose, he didn't need me anymore and off he went at a gleeful (yes, gleeful) trot to greet them!
As I watched Bull frolic and kick up his heels, stretch and pose for the ladies, I realized what a magnificent animal he really is....I know now I would have regretted it if I had sent him to the local auction (market). I know he is in a good home with a caring man to look after him, and, I could not be more pleased!
Take some time whenever you can to just "kill" a few hours doing whatever it is you like to do, "putter" I call it, and in my case today that's exactly what I did, cleaned up, moved cattle, put down some pasture seed, checked all the fences, sat on a bucket in the pasture and just looked at the animals (!); put things in order, walked with the dogs and took the camera....sometimes that's all I need. No clock, no phone (well, ok, my Blackberry was with me, but surprisingly quiet!).
Nice. Just ....nice.....

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