Friday, October 2, 2009

2009 Calves

I was out this morning taking some pictures of the youngest calves while the light was still soft. I think these are the nicest calves we've had yet here.
I have also included a picture of our new polled bull (well, new to us this past summer) who doesn't like to pose for pictures very much, but at least you can see him as well.
The first picture is of Amber, our heifer calf out of Blue, who's picture speaks for itself. Lovely and refined. The second picture is of Darby's mother and sire, Miss Piggy and Mr. Bull. You can see the tremedous thickness on both his parents: I may just keep Darby for a sire myself if he is not sold. The third picture is of Darby himself, just a little over a month old, already claiming a pile of hay as his own (just like his momma...!)
The last picture is my camera shy, but very tame Hawkeye, our up and coming herd sire. He is keeping company with the younger crowd this season, and we cannot wait to see what his calves look like next spring!
Hope you've enjoyed these pictures as much as I've enjoyed sharing them!

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