Monday, October 19, 2009

Winding down for the season

Well we all know it is just a matter of time, and the other morning was a subtle reminder that winter is not far away.
Now we get some pretty decent winters out here in central New York state, but luckily we are not in one of the so called "snow belts" or "lake effect " snow regions. Most of the real bad weather (you know, the stuff you hear about on the Weather Channel) seems to miss us, but we do get a good solid winter most years, and can get quite a bit of wind here as well...(enough to completely remove our barn roof in one piece!!)
I wanted to share these pictures of our autumn, as a reminder all of us that winter is just around the corner......time to take heed, gather in, button up and batten down.
Make sure you have your feed supply lined up so you wont be caught short late in the season, check your water supplies and tank heaters if you have them, stuff those cracks up in your barns, and have lots of dry bedding available for your stock.
If you have to deal with mud in your barnyards, now may be the best time to dig out the dirt, put down a load or two of cobbles or any large coarse rock, lay some landscape fabric or Geotextile over them and bring in a few loads of gravel to top it off. This will keep your animals out of the cold sloppy mud this winter and spring. We finally did this in our barnyard and lanes last fall and what a difference it has made! No more dirt and no more mud! Great for everybody; feet, hooves, and equipment. Just be sure to use a smaller size stone on the top that will not cut or hurt the soft parts of the animals feet!
More on this later.....

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