Wednesday, October 14, 2009

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Pictured above:
The very first "barn" awaits the arrival of our miniature Herefords from Texas, October 2005.

You know, I feel so strongly about my last blog, I started searching for the book I referred to , the one with all the illustrations of barns, sheds and shelters. I recalled the last time I had it in hand was when I was drawing up the plans for our barn, which is really nothing fancy. I was looking through the book, which was a reprint from the 1880's, and was amazed at what folks did with crude implements and the very basic of materials. The herds of cattle and sheep were considered a sign of wealth back then, not unlike our cars and trucks are today. Do you have a garage for your vehicle? Where do you park your vehicle? Are your animals "parked" as well as your car? Do you have a "garage" for your livestock? The car doesn't feel the cold, snow, mud or ice, but your animals will. The car or truck will continue to depreciate day after day; your livestock should not. How do you protect your investment? Are your animals the sign of wealth they should be, even today? Are you as proud of your stock as you are of your new car or truck?
For those of you interested, I found this book still available online. I just ordered another copy, since I have yet to find mine (I may have lent it to a friend...). LeeValley Tools has the book, and you can find the original online to look through if you like. The book is: "Barn Plans and Outbuildings", first published in 1881 by Orange Judd Co. It is considered a classic, and one look though it will convince anyone it is timeless.
Our livestock 's needs haven't changed much since 1881, and this publication proves it doesn't take a fortune to house any animal comfortably and economically.
Oh, and that little "barn" pictured above:....I built it myself.
Next blog: Getting ready for winter.

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