Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Miniature Herefords For Sale

Finally! Welcome back.

After almost an entire year of being off line and unable to market and therefore support myself and my two daughters with my livestock business, we are finally up and running once again!
Although I was not allowed to sell any animals during my divorce proceedings, I am now happy to say I am legally the sole owner of Middleground Farm and the herd of registered polled  Miniature Herefords that was begun in 2005.
I have to share with you all; as you know my daughters and I went through a very difficult time this past year dealing with all sorts of nasty divorce issues...and as most of you know, my ex husband had little to nothing to do with the cattle...except to complain endlessly...his only interest, ironically, was after he was told to leave...and it involved money.
Now I had purchased the animals back in 2005 originally, picked them out, arranged for shipping from West Texas, vetted them, etc etc. I built the barn we still use today, by myself. Built the fences. Pulled out calves, vetted the animals, marketed and shipped...Pretty much did 99% of the work involving the cattle, and I liked it. It was my passion, my therapy, and it contributed to my family by paying the taxes , putting braces on my daughter, improvements to the property.
After my ex left for good, he started monitoring the blog and web site...looking for money.
The sites came down or to a standstill.
Greed was the game, and I have to say he made a complete ass out of himself when he insisted to his attorney in a city courthouse 
 that I was "hiding" several breeding bulls that had been sold and transferred by the AHA ,off the farm for years!! I couldnt help but laugh out loud right in the guys face! Neither man had a clue as to what he was talking about; and it only proved his complete ignorance as to what was going on on his own property ...but thinking he was entitled to half of the apparent "wealth" of the "cattle business" LOL!!
Needless to say, he got the Harley, I took the cattle . Everyone happy. Mine will appreciate every year with new babies, his will depreciate every year. Whatever.
I have an amazing group of animals I would like to offer...all polled all heifers except for a very fine polled bull calf....I normally would keep the better polled animals, but I am content to keep my brood cows that have been so good and profitable for me and offer instead excellent quality polled young stock to the market.
Our weather holds here in the east for shipping until about issue is barn space. Believe me if I could house all my polled young stock through the winter and sell them as bred heifers next summer, I would. They would also cost alot more. And everybody is always looking for cattle in the spring...
So now is your chance to get a really good deal if you are considering buying additional young stock to add to your existing herd, or starting a small herd for yourself.
My barn can house 8 comfortably...I have 11 animals. Everyone must have shelter. I am not in the position to build another barn yet.
If you are looking to buy, I am more than willing to deal extremely fair.
I also have our herd sire for sale...we have used him 3 seasons, and its time for new blood. He is a fourth generation polled Long Creek bull. If you are tired of dehorning or just don't want horns period, he is your bull. All my babies from him are out of horned dams and every one is polled. Clean.
Please check my new web-site (still just getting going...) I am now listed as  I am also getting a Facebook page up as well as Middleground Farm and hope to keep current with photos news and videos...
I am happy to help and answer any questions you may have, please do not hesitate to call !
Thank you everyone for your sticking with me this past year, your patience and understanding.
Diane Baron
Middleground Farm
Registered miniature Herefords
Lima New York
Cell: 585-314-6620

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