Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How to correctly place a tree.

Advice from Landscape Design Services at Middleground Farm, Lima, NY

Make sure you like where that tree is going...once its growing, you will not want to move it.
 Will it provide shade? Take up excess water? Soften the corner of a home? Provide something nice to look at in the winter months?
Will it drop flowers, leaves, fruit of branches on walkways or patios?
Will it provide shade to park a car under, or a place to hang a swing?
Will it grow where you want it to?
 Is it the right tree for the right planting environment? Wet, dry, soggy...
Will it deal with refected heat from a street, parking area or brick building?
Will it grow into overhead utility lines and be hacked at by the utility companies as it matures?
Will it take alot of wind?
Will it offer privacy?
Will it eventually hit your house on a windy day?
Will it flower, or have gorgeous fall color?
Will it hold its leaves late into the winter?
How tall will it eventually grow?
How wide will it spread?

There are many considerations when selecting the proper tree to plant around a home or property.
I hope these will help.
Try and find a reputable nursery, or do your online homework first before purchasing any nursery stock.
Make sure you now your planting zone, and are aware of micro-climates around your home.

Next up:

The correct way to dig a hole. (for a tree)
(Yes, there is a right and wrong way to do even that!)

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