Sunday, August 7, 2011


Thank goodness for our great veterinarians we have out here....I don't know how I would function without them. Although I rarely need them for the mini's, when I do need them, I can even request a specific vet (shown here, veterinarian Rob Wilson of the Perry Vet Service, Perry NY, with a final year vet student assisting) to come out to the farm. Rob has been my vet of choice since the first day he showed up at the farm...I was and continue to be so impressed by his gentle and patience manner in handling the cattle, and trust me, there has been a time or two when we had an impromptu mini rodeo here...!

If theres a question about a medicine, dosage, or anything, their very capable staff in the office relays the info to the right source and I get a phone call from the office staff or the vet himself.

I've had to deal with other folks from other locales and cannot believe the hassle and grief some of these folks have to deal with when getting vet work done.

When its time to ship out of state, the vet will call the office staff, ask what tests and blood work / shipping papers are required for that particular state, they do the research, the vet does the work and we are ready to ship within a week to ten days.I have never had to chase down paperwork or test results ...I guess I'm pretty spoiled!

Here the vet is giving the weaned calves their vaccinations... and might as well have 'em do the tattooing as well (I HATE doing that ...figure if they are here anyway.......) .

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