Sunday, August 21, 2011

Meet the Newest and Last Miniature Hereford Calf of 2011

Here is our newest and last calf for the season here on the farm; meet little Misty Storm...born on a Sunday, August14th,between 9 and 11 pm. It was a stormy day, with thundershowers; the next morning dawned foggy (hence then name....) It was dark when I went out after the 11 o'clock news to double check the gate to the barnyard where I had the mom-to-be for the night. As I walked out toward the barn I heard that all too familiar soft mooing from the cow; the flashlight beam found momma and a little white face, already up on its feet. I tried to get close enough to see if it was a heifer or bull, but momma wanted no part of that strange blue light walking toward her new baby...they seemed to be fine, so i left well enough alone until next morning, windows open in case any sounds of distress....

I must confess it was a bit like waiting for Christmas morning; waiting to see what I really got as a gift...dawn finally came and i was delighted to find a lovely little heifer up and about in the barnyard, mother close by her side.

This is another Hawkeye calf, and, as all the others, she is polled.

Blessed :)

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