Monday, April 4, 2011

Little Goliath

Well here he is, bull number two. We named him Goliath because he looked so big when he was first born....but hes really not much bigger than Onyx who is just a week older.

We kept Goliath in the barn with his momma Miss Piggy (pictured on last blog entry) for a few days thinking the weather may straighten out before he went out into the it was, it was still cool and a muddy mess, but sunny; we opened the gate and he promptly climbed to the very top of our very big manure / bedding pile...just like a little mountain goat.

I do expect him to grow into quite a bull. He is polled, a very deep burgandy color (with curls!!) and has pigment on both of his eyes. (his momma is full pigment).

For now him and Onyx are best buddies and will keep eachother company throughout the spring and summer. (when and IF spring and summer ever arrive in these parts.....)

Double blessings!

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