Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Minature Hereford Bull and Mud

Just could not resist these pictures I got of Hawkeye as I turned into our driveway this if the barnyard and pastures werent muddy enough, Hawkeye decided a good old fashioned knees-to-the-dirt, rub-your-face-in-the-mud romp was in order to finish off his day!

The light was fading quickly, and I apologise for the poor picture quality (BlackBerry again....) but though they were pretty neat shots.

He is shown in his mostly rubbed off winter coat, with light touches of fine summer hair, complimented with fresh and dried mud with just a touch of manure, topped off with a light garnish of dried straw bedding. A fabulous clay - mud face mask completes the look for that "fresh out of the barnyard" springtime look!. A real head-turner for the ladies!

Hawkeye is our current herd sire and is the daddy to the two beautiful bull calves born recently. So far, all his offspring has been polled ( from our horned cows.)

If the first picture could have a caption it would have to be "Yeah so I'm dirty; is there a problem?"

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