Saturday, March 19, 2011

New baby!

Here is Emerald and her brand-new baby bull calf Onyx!
he was born, unassisted, sometime during the night while we slept......
When I checked them last evening at 9:30 all was well; quiet, everyone bedded down in the barn for the morning the others were out looking for breakfast; I went to the barn to find Emerald and her new baby all cleaned up, dried off and sleeping contentedly.
Onyx is polled.
Emerald is a nice, sweet and friendly first calf heifer,sired by DLT Red Pride. I am impressed that she calved unattended, and had cared for her first calf so well......
Thankful :)

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  1. Oh, wow! And he's gorgeous! What plans do y'all have for this little charmer?