Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ah a warm day

FINALLY a break in the weather! Bluebirds and Red-Winged Blackbirds are back, Robins calling to eachother and Canadian Geese flying day and night overhead in huge numbers.

Had yesterday off and spent the day cleaning up around the barn, fixing gates ands getting ready for another load of hay and straw. I didnt want to be inside, but did manage to set up my painting easel in the room next to the kitchen>

Lately I have been having visions of paint being applied to large canvases (when I close my eyes)
and am very excitied about an upcoming college project of a large, mixed media, totally abstract work that will be getting underway very soon. I find myself drawn to abstract painting and drawing recently; it just seems so freeing......

I have a very pregnant heifer I've been keeping close watch on lately; she looks like any day, and I noticed she was not with the others out in the pasture today, choosing to remain by herself near the barn....which is not her normal behavior, so out to the barn I go, will move the big gate into the barnyard so she can calve in comfort and clean and dry surroundings; its just too muddy out there, and I dont want to see a newborn stumbling about in the mud and slop. The others will have to tough it out for a few days and stay out of the barn.....I'm sure they'll be just fine.
Picture of Blue with her heifer calf Emerald, summer 2008; Emerald herself is now due any day ....!

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