Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hello again!

            Hello and greetings from Middleground Farm once again!
     As you know, I sold my beautiful herd of registered miniature Herefords a few summers back. The new owners are having a wonderful time with the cattle, and once in a while post pictures of the girls, all fat and healthy! The first year after the cattle left, I had the current owner of my original bull (pictured throughout the years in this blog), bring him (Mr Bull) and his cows over for the summer. They were a delight to have here grazing peacefully on the pastures until they left that same fall to go back to his farm, several miles away.
     Summer 2015 the fields rested, or should I say, grew with wild abandon and lush fury! I tried to keep up with some semblance of mowing (with the X-Mark finish mower!!), but have to say the grass won!
     The fences were kept in repair, although the electric was off, and the deer popped a few wires off here and there.
      The barn is still here, and I have space for two box stalls, or, a good size run in barn, with hay storage, and, what will be a tack room , where the cattle vetting and loading pen now stands.
      I am having the interior of the barn finished with boards, and a roof extended over the pen area. The fences will be tightened, and Electro-braid white polywire will be added for visibility. I have used the Electro braid in the back pasture with only 1 additional wire, and never had an animal get through the fence, including the bull. So I do know it is a secure fence.
      I could run 12 head of cattle on grass throughout the spring and summer, with controlled grazing and pasture rotation. These pastures have been well tended over the years, frost seeded to clovers and orchard grass, manure spread on the pastures and dragged into the soil. The posts are not treated lumber, but cedar and black locust, each one pounded in by hand.
      I am looking for quiet, well behaved horses that need pasture, and conscientious owners who appreciate a quiet, safe and well looked after home for their horses, along with acres and miles of open and wooded ground in which to ride, access to fresh clean water, clean local hay, shade, and a gated, private driveway.
      There could also be room for a training area, and I would welcome the conversation.
      Please contact me in comments for more information if you would like.
      Thanks for checking in.
      Its good to be back.

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