Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miniature Herefords on New Pasture!

Finally, the fence i began in summer 2009 has been completed! We had alot of rain last summer, so the pastures were in good shape all season; this year its a different story. My girls went to summer camp for a week, and I FINALLY had the uninterrupted time to work on completing the fence....getting the wire up, insulators, gates, etc, and doing it right, which takes time.

Best part by far is calling the cattle as I walked through the gate into the new pasture....they come running when I call them, regardless of where they are...they know something new (or food) is in the offing when I give the "holler". The trotting turned to full out running and bucking, stopping to SEE the fence, sniff, then more running and bucking as they explored a brand-new never before pasture field for the very first time

.I have to say, they didn't settle in to eating for about 15 minutes...

.Here are some pictures from the initial first few minutes.

A very satisfying morning!.

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