Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Miniature Hereford heifer and her dam

Well it has been a while since last post, and I do apoligize to those who do check in to see what is up here on the farm!

Been moving cattle here and there, over and across the driveway; penning, sorting, vaccinating, etc etc.

Things have been pretty quiet, the two polled bull calves are growing beautifully, filling out, they both look to be superior herd sire prospects (I wouldnt keep them as bulls if they were not up to my standards....). Our vet even commented on how nice they looked...and (again) that the animals are a bit on the fat side....but since they get nothing but pasture all summer, I guess theres not much I can do to keep them from eating....

I have finally figured out my new camera, so hopefully I will have it with me when I go out to tend the animals and stop taking the pictures with my old BlackBerry.....(sorry...)!

I would like to post current pictures Hawkeyes offspring....3 so far, and one due next month.

I am more than pleased with the quality of his babies, and every one has been polled. They are friendly, frisky, well balanced and smaller than their dams! What more could one ask for?

Anyway, here are two pictures; the top picture is a fine heifer, Sprite, out of Hawkeye, at 15 months. The next picture is her dam .

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