Monday, August 24, 2009

Yes, they do eat pumpkins

So we have this pile of composting manure out back behind the neighbors fence (I did say composting, which means no odor) and that is also where we buried the little calf that we lost this spring, and buried our pumpkins from last Halloween there as well. Of course everyone knows the best stuff grows when you don't pay any mind to what is going on; meaning, I have seen the best pumpkins growing out of waste piles in many a field.
So our pumpkins were incredible as you can imagine; huge leaves, long vines, and the beginnings of some pretty good sized pumpkins! This is where we also take our kitchen scraps to compost away through the winter. The pumpkins were coming along beautifully, and I was wondering if we may have too many for just our family alone.
Well, wonder no more! When I went to take the scraps to the pile, it looked a little barren as I approached. As I swung one leg and then the other over the single electric wire fence, I realized that the entire pumpkin "pile" was missing. Gone. Zip, zilch, nadda, MIA. Simply not there. Your kidding, right? No. All that was left was a few shriveled traces of vine, a couple of thick pumpkin top stems, a piece of forgotten yellowed pumpkin, a scattering of seeds. Bees had taken up in a hole in the center of the pile. My beautiful lush wild pile of pumpkins was gone forever!!!
Moral of this story: don't count your pumpkins before you actually get them out of the field. Apparently others had been eyeing them as well.
And here I was, wondering "what the heck are those cattle doing back there by the fence for so long?", and "gosh don't the animals look good for this time of year!"
Yes they do, yes,.. they do.

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