Monday, August 10, 2009

Here they are....

Yes, here they are. My very first and definitely the best mature miniature Hereford cows I own. I simply do not have the room (or help) to keep all these guys, so I have decided to part with my three foundation cows, along with the herd sire if anyone wants him as part of the package. I am willing to do a very good deal on these cattle, as stated before, there is simply no room in the barn. All the cows have had 3 calves so far, no health problems, no calving problems, and no personality issues. Each one is from a distinctly different bloodline, some which have almost vanished. These are the cattle I chose to start my herd with, and have never regretted the decision. Out of these animals I have had 8 healthy calves born, so they have more than paid for themselves. They have many more productive years ahead of them with proper care.
I would hope that who ever buys them takes really good care of them.
They are registered with the AHA, and would produce small, correct registered breeding or show / 4-H animals, or grass fed beef stock, or excellent cross-breeding stock with a smaller, more efficient frame size.
They each have a calf at their side, which may be included if desired. At least one of the them has been bred to our registered polled bull, and the other two are currently pastured with him as well.
This package could be
*** just 3 (bred) cows, or,
*** 3 (bred) cows with calves, or,
*** 3 cows with bull.
I would prefer to sell them together, as that way I can offer the best price. I really have no room for them this winter, otherwise I would not be selling them.
Please take a look, see if its time for you to take control over your investments and begin living with the security of owning and growing your own food as well.
Please contact me directly for more information.
These will be listed on the sale barn as soon as I get the info sent over to my web-site manager, and will have AHA pedigree links, etc included.
Thanks for looking !

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