Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Cattle Corner

Ah yes, summer, time for everything, except blogging!! Be that as it may, we have had a busy summer so far, expanding our pastures, pounding in posts (yes, by hand....) and watching the babies being born. We've had a lovely little bull calf born here recently, and cannot wait for his siblings to join him. The cows and bulls are all sleek and fat on the lush pasture we've been blessed with again this season; we've had enough rain and then some to keep things greening after a late start this spring. So far we've not had to feed hay, and with the new pasture we've added, won't have to until frost hopefully. The new pasture was frost seeded to red clover two seasons ago, and the deer have enjoyed it; now its time the cattle do as well!
Our cattle seem to be pretty carefree in the summer months, we water once a day, check the fencer, and check the animals at least once daily just to see that all is well, which, thankfully, all has been! Aside from keeping tabs on the pasture conditions, and moving the herd from old to new pasture, there's really not much else to do with these guys....except take pictures of them, dream of a bigger barn, better hay feeder, nicer fencing in the barnyard area.....
That reminds me, I had better get outside and put in some more posts....

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