Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Offerings to the Cattle Corner

We have some new pictures of our little bull calf, as well as a fine registered miniature Hereford yearling heifer we are thinking of parting with. We have such a small operation here, which in some ways is very good, in that it enables us to fuss over each and every one of our animals, but at the same time requires us to sell several animals every year, whether we want to or not.
One of the most pleasant ways I know to spend a quiet summer morning is walking around the pasture with a cup of tea and the camera. The animals move slowly, eating, scratching or walking up to me to see if I have anything to offer them. They are so docile, I am sure my blood pressure must be at its lowest point when I am standing in the middle of the herd, just watching, giving a scratch....I almost think they are more therapy than anything else....of course, check back this winter when its below zero and the wind is howling and the water is frozen.....then we'll see who NEEDS therapy!! LOL!
Be that as it may, here are some pictures of our little boy who is a few weeks old; a fine Red Pride daughter who will be bred to our new polled bull, and of course our standing herd sire, who gave us all these lovely calves you see in many of our pictures. He looks better every day if I do say so myself! All our animals are available for sale, and if you see something here that interests you, please, do not hesitate to give me a shout!

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