Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Miniature Hereford; Therapy and Connection with 4 Hooves

So my biggest dearest cow, Miss Piggy, is very close to calving. This will be her 5th calf, she is 7 years old. A dearly beloved cow, she is my one and only original from Point of Rocks Ranch back in 2005 when this all began.
     Miss Piggy is sweet natured, low and stocky. With a beautiful head, pigmented eyes and perfectly turned horns, she is a sight to behold. Her back is so broad and straight I frequently rest a mug of coffee on top while doing chores...she doesn't seem to mind one bit.
     Anyway, I was out in the pasture giving her the up close once over (aka. any excuse to stay outside) and checking to see how close she was to calving. I stood next to her, half daydreaming, rubbing her coat, and pulling off little dull wads of winter coat that had not completely fallen off yet. I noticed slick shiny hide along her top line. The exceptionally warm March and April kind of messed with their shedding, so they are somewhat rubbed of, with little balls and tufts of winter still reluctant to go.
     She stood, motionless, with her nose almost to the ground. Not chewing, not moving, almost holding her breath. I'm not sure who was benefiting more; her from the scratching, or me from the mindless daydreaming as I stood there next to her.
     I stopped.
     She stopped.
     She slowly turned her great head toward my leg, and ever so gently wrapped her neck around my thigh.
     "Please don't stop".
Motionless, she waited for me to resume the scratching.
So eloquent, so simple her request, I began again running my gloved hand along her top line, over her neck, and along her great brisket.
She was a still as a statue.
The birds were singing.
A warm late afternoon breeze was blowing.
The sun felt good on both of us.
I gave her a few pats on the neck, and told her she was a "good girl"and that soon she would be a momma again.
Walked out of the pasture, and towards the house.
I'm quite certain I walked right past the house and out back along the fence line.
Its just so hard to go inside on a beautiful day.
Its just so gentle being around my animals, Gods creation. Nature. Sunshine. Peace.
It was a horrible rough winter for my heart.
The spring is most welcome, I think, by all here on the farm.
Who needs therapy when you are so very blessed?

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  1. I recognize that look in her eye. Poor girl. Hopefully, she won't have much longer! Yeah, I know. Those words never helped me by that stage, either. LOL