Monday, January 24, 2011


So it got down to eleven degrees below zero last night. All was calm, all was still (and bright as a matter of fact....moonlite!)

Anyway it was such a still and sunny day (although still cold; a balmy 18 degrees out at chore time!) I decided to take a few pictures....

First is the cows relaxing in the barnyard soaking up some rays. I have to admit it was rather nice to be out...the sun felt good and there wasnt a breeze.

At the bottom is a picture of the hay "barn" area ...we get our hay delivered from our neighbor who bales excellent hay in 800 lb. bales that are "slid" into the barn on 4 x 4 "runners laid across 2 x 6's on top of plastic and a gravel base. Since the variety of hay varies from bale to bale, I like to mix it up a bit and take hay from several bales at once to feed out. I will also mix in a little of the oat straw as well for roughage, especially if the hay is very "rich" such as second cutting alfalfa.

While the beasties are eating its up and over the gates to flig the poop (which is like flinging rocks in this weather) and bed down for the night. This is how the barn looks each day after being cleaned and bedded. Cozy.....

Last I will feed some more hay for the night and possibly the next morning, tarp the hay and we're done. If I have a few minutes I'll watch the cattle eat, look for babies rolling, and just give then a general look-over to be sure everone is happy and well. Which is the second picture from the top...
Hope your all staying warm!!

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