Friday, March 5, 2010

Wheelbarrow Ready

Well I know I should be preparing for my blogs on fencing, but its awful hard to do when the snow is still knee deep out in these parts, although shrinking daily. I promise I will get going on this, because soon it will be time to build fence once again , or, if you started last fall, finish the fence!
I could not help myself but to put up these recent pictures of one of (I think)the nicest calves we've ever had here at the farm, our little registered bull Darby. Hes about 7 months old here, and still sporting his thick ungroomed winter duds (coat). He is one of the thickest little guys I have seen anywhere, and will be smaller than his dam, but just as wide.
His momma is our herd matriarch Miss Piggy, who has a pretty interesting story behind her as far as her place in the original Largent Point of Rocks Ranch herd line-up. Needless to say, she is a pretty amazing cow who delivers some pretty amazing calves for us.
I have been considering keeping Darby here and buying some additional bloodlines just to breed him to, but he is still offered for sale at this time. Theres plenty of pictures of his Sire (Mr Bull) and his dam (Miss Piggy) on our web-site, and I can only imagine what he will grow into as far as a herd sire is concerned. Heck, I cant wait to see what he looks like under all that hair!! We had him dehorned last fall, and he has just a lovely face, just like his momma and dad. I think he is a perfect combination of Bull and Piggy, and if you are looking for something really nice for your miniature Hereford herd, he would fit that bill perfectly. I do expect to halter train him as well if someone would like to show him. As you can tell from the pictures, he is already "wheelbarrow trained"
Contact me if you are interested in Darby.
PS Our animals receive only grass and clover hay; no grain ever is given to "fatten em up".

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